Sunday, November 21, 2010

Creating with friends

Do you create alone or with friends and family?

I love to work with other people. My kids love to be creative and often come in and work with me. We don't even have to be working on the same things. Just the event of being in the same room together brings the creativity out. Yesterday while sewing bodies together for my Flower Folk Pins, my daughter came into the room and wanted to work on something, so she pulled out the old sizzix machine and started making Pins. We had some old DIY 2 part pins that she sandwiched some paper dolls that she wants to give to one of her friends.

Guen's doll pins

Last night was Girls night for me and one of my friends and she LOVES to work on my Flower Folk with me. So last night we watched some Girl Movies and designed about 60 new Pins that I hope to have up by next weekend (my Thanksgiving will be Busy! Busy! Busy!!!)

Girls nite 2


How do you like to create?
Who do you work best with?
Leave comments below!

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